Call for tenders for residency in Maribor

Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (ACE KIBLA), Maribor, Slovenia

KIBLA, association for culture and education, is inviting applications for residencies in Maribor; for artists, theorists, producers or critics.
The 14-day long residency will be taking place between 5 and 18 March 2013.
Please submit your applications no later than 26 February 2013.
Applicants will be notified about the outcome on 1 March 2013.

The guest of the residency must propose a project in the framework of the existing New Media Cross-Border project: a theoretical study, an art/curator work or a production of a visual, musical/audio, intermedia or interdisciplinary artwork.

We expect our residency guests to collaborate with the local and international guest artists, as well as public presentations of their new work at KIBLA (and potentially other places and locations), a lecture and/or a workshop, with an overview report of their residency stay.

Residency results will be published on:

We are offering to cover all travel expenses and the costs of accommodation in Maribor. The guest will also be provided with contacts from the local art scene, and will be assisted in creating his/her art production during the residency.


Lidija Pačnik Awais –
Dejan Pestotnik –

Or via mail to the following address:

Multimedia center KIBLA (MMC KIBLA)
for the MNCB residency
Ulica kneza Koclja 9
2000 Maribor

The content of your application should include:
– CV
– a description of your artistic practice
– a motivation letter for the Maribor residency

More about the NMCB project at:

New media cultures activists’ blog:

Project partners:
Autonomous center – ACT, Čakovec
Association for Culture and Education KIBLA, Maribor,
ONEJ, Association of Prekmurje initiative, Murska Sobota and
V.U.K. underground club, Varaždin

The project ‘Transdisciplinarity and new media cultures in the development of cross-border collaborations’ – NEW MEDIA CROSS BORDER is executed as part of the Operative program IPA SI-HR 2007–2013.


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Project "Transdisciplinarity and new media culture in cross-border area development (New Media Cross-Border)" was implemented from 1.4.2011 till 31.3.2013 by Autonomous Centre - ACT from Čakovec, Association for Culture and Education Kibla from Maribor, ONEJ - Association of Prekmurje Innitiative from Murska Sobota and Youth Association Varaždin Underground Club from Varaždin within the Operational Programme IPA Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013. The aim of the project is generation of dynamic cross-border area with interaction among development actors and stakeholders from the field of new media culture, transdisciplinary art, sustainable development and new forms of collaborative creation.
New Media Cross-Border
IPA OP Si-Hr Ministarstvo kulture Grad Varaždin Ured za udruge Vlade RH
Autonomni centar - ACT Kulturno izobraževalno društvo KIBLA ONEJ – društvo prekmurske pobude Udruga mladih Varaždinski underground klub